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    Club Eye is now Open

    Club Eye is designed to get you to create as many good quality EyeMags as possible and those that are successful are rewarded with benefits as shown below. The benefits and, levels at which they occur, are draft and will change over the next few months. However, changes are likely to bring extra functionality available to you earlier rather than later.
    Downloads Required (in the last 4 months)
    Red Eye
    Create any number of EyeMags for free
    Blue Eye
    You are up and running. We promise to reply to all your feedback messages, so you can get to the next level.
    Green Eye
    Bronze Eye
    New publications will get reviewed immediately for promotion to recommended
    Silver Eye
    Create EyeMags which are Private (only your friends can see)
    Golden Eye

    We believe everyone can get to this level and, therefore, most benefits will appear here.

    You will be entered in "Publisher of the Month" and the winner will get promotion on our site.

    Coming Soon! Allow publishing from phone using phone browser.

    Coming Soon! Use e-mail from anywhere to publish your content.

    Shiny Eye
    Coming Soon! Mobile Reporter. Special application which publishes to your special reporter EyeMag.
    Millionaire Eye
    Coming Soon! Automatic promotion to recommended on every publish
    Ultimate Eye
    You get invited to meet the EyeMags team

    In the above the Coming Soon! statements are all planned development activities for EyeMags. They are all likely to appear but are not promised functionality and we reserve every right in the book to completely change our minds about everything.:-).

    Also note other development activities are also planned but we are not yet in a position to announce them yet. Please watch this space for list of other features to be added to EyeMags.



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