Abebech Gobena
Abebech Gobena is a prominent
humanitarian in Ethiopia who is
the founder and General Manager
of one of the biggest orphanages
in the country. She started her
humanitarian work after seeing a
baby sucking her dead mother’s
breast during the famine in 1980
in the northern part of Ethiopia.
She took two babies from the
famine affected areas to Addis
Ababa and gradually increased the
number to 21, but her
humanitarian activities put her in
conflict with her family. Finally
Abebech abandoned her marriage
and moved to a small poultry
house, where she continued her
humanitarian activities for six
challenging years. From the very
beginning, she financed her
humanitarian projects herself, at
times selling her jewelries and
other personal possessions.
Her orphanage provides full
boarding services to orphans,
sponsors children of destitute
from the different communities in
the country; provides both
curative and preventive health
services to children and extends it
to the community, provides
vocational skill training to
children, destitute women, youth
and others, contributes its part in
the fight against HIV/AIDS,
supports community development
endeavors. The organization has
so far established health centers,
clinics, training institutions,
schools, kindergartens,
warehouses, dormitories & offices
in Addis Ababa.
There is much more that needs to
be done to fight poverty in
Ethiopia. Yet Abebech Gobena is
not just about fighting or reducing
poverty in the country, she is also
about compassion which is
priceless. She provides love and
care to children who have lost
parents and whose primary need
is love. It takes a heart as kind as
hers to make so many orphans
feel like they are loved. Abebech
Gobena - despite her remarkable
achievements in the last two &
half decades - believes that a lot
has to be done on poverty
reduction and is committed to
expanding her present orphanage,
so that it could be able to serve
more orphans and the
underprivileged in Ethiopia.
Because of her devotion and
determination to care for others
some rightfully call her Africa’s
Mother Teresa.
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