Dr. Aberra Molla
Dr. Aberra Molla is the pioneer
who computerized the Ethiopian
alphabet - known as Ethiopic - for
the fist time by giving a spot for
each and every glyph. With the
help of his son - Brook - it took
Dr. Aberra a year to make one set
of Geez screen and printer fonts
in 1986. This was accomplished
by systematically spreading the
more than 400 Ethiopian alphabet
glyphs on eight character sets.
The first Ethiopic character set
and word processor was released
in 1987 and his Geez Microsoft
DOS ModEth publisher is hailed as
a classic work that moved the
Ethiopian alphabet from the
printing press to the computer for
the first time.
Dr. Aberra Molla was introduced
to computers in 1976 - during
the punch card era - when he was
a post-doctoral Clinical Science
student at Colorado State
University. He is a visionary who
recognized the power of
computers and its potential and
was ahead of his time. Since
1982, he has been working with
the Ethiopian alphabet and he
succeeded in 1990 in
standardizing Ethiopic and caused
its inclusion in Unicode - an
international standard. Examples
of his accomplishments are
pending patents and recognition in
1990 by the Ethiopian Research
Council for computerizing Ethiopic
and revolutionizing the Geez
script. A prolific writer, an
inventor, a scientist and a father
of three engineers, Dr. Aberra is
also deservingly credited with
being the father of Ethiopic.
His successful innovative work has
meant that Ethiopians can now
and will in the future
communicate in their native
langue using computer devices.
Dr. Aberra’s contributions and his
place in the field of science and
technology in Ethiopia is of major
importance, especially in this so
call Age of Information
Technology. And Ethiopians are
grateful to him and his continuing
innovative works and they say
THANK YOU as they welcome the
New Millennium.
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